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A fantastic pregnancy, a super-fast delivery and beautiful baby; all ingredients to enjoy. Only after a short while it turned out that the little man did not like dressing, did not like lying on his back, only wanted to be held in certain ways, had tummy troubles after eating and hiccups a lot. When he was six weeks old, a lactation consultant advised us to have him examined by a chiropractor. That idea took a while to land with us as newfound parents. Six weeks later, we contacted practice Stegeman anyway. That same week we were able to drop by. After a small examination, it actually turned out that the little man’s neck was bothering him and therefore clearly protested in certain situations. After just one treatment there was a result. He lay down quietly in his cot and turned his head relaxedly from left to right. After three treatments, he was unrecognisable. He went to bed with a smile on his face and all fun during the day. Our only regret is that we did not take him to the chiropractic practice sooner.

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